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To build a community of Christians that is established in the word, shows love and is equipped to serve the Lavington community and beyond.
Districts fellowship began in 1997 when there was need to cover the whole city of Nairobi through evangelism.

Outreach: To those who have not experienced the saving grace of our lord Jesus Christ.
Discipleship: By receiving instructions through the word of God for victorious Christian living.
Fellowship: Having communion, prayers and studying the Bible together and with one another.
Worship: We assemble together for reverence and praise focusing our attention to God.

Our Core Values
Authority of Gods word: We believe that the Bible is our all sufficient rule of faith and Practice.
Holiness and integrity: We adhere to moral principles of honesty and soundness of living.
Excellence: We endeavor to be outstandingly good or proficient in all that we do, in service to God and other
Family unit: Committed to Gods ordained unit of marriage family and the Faithfulness to it.
Honor of leaders: We uphold submission to spiritual authorities and governing bodies in our service to God and others.
Ethnic and Racial Diversity: By respecting the state of being different or varied, we draw our strength from this diversity by understanding Gods' Original divine purpose for creation.

Our District Fellowship is a Place of:-
Friendship: These are family bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another. We make it a point to build lasting bonds between members of our Church, visitors and the neighborhood. Nothing compares to the joy of Christian fellowship.This circle ever widens and we would like it to include you.

Worship: We meet to focus our attention to God giving Him our worship and receiving His blessings and inspiration.

Times of spiritual nourishment and enrichment.
Learning: Studying the Bible is very vital. It not only instructs us Intellectually, BUT it also guides us spiritually.
We believe it and accept it fully as Gods word to man. A rock that is a live and relevant to today's life and learning its truth is a thrilling experience.

Service: Jesus came not to be ministered to but to minister, we accept our responsibility to reach out in service to others i.e. The sick, The aged, The bereaved, The newborns