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Ref: Isaiah 30:15; 40:31; Rom 15:13
We welcome you the beloved of God to our today's services. We thank God for each one of you and also for the great things God has done for us as individuals, families, church and a country as a whole. We thank God for the past blessings, present blessings and trust Him for a better tomorrow. Our today's topic is renewed strength derived from the above texts.

Why do we need Renewed strength? Prophet Isaiah answers this question in Isaiah 40:21-31. He notes that we are bound to get tired as we do our daily service to God and humanity. When he says that even the youth grow tired and weary, he is in effect saying that even the strongest people can get weary because human body are made like that. As we do the work that God has given to us, both physical and spiritual, our energy level may go down and hence need for Renewed strength.

How then do we get Renewed strength? It is mainly by depending on God who is the source of our strength. We read about the servants of God who lost strength in the process of serving God and specifically think about Elijah who got so weary and depressed that he asked God to allow him to die (1 King 19:4) God Renewed his strength by giving him physical food and spiritual food in term of encouragement. The Lord is still renewing our strength through encouraging us through His word, prayer, Christian fellowship among others.

As in the case of Prophet Elijah, He also provide for our physical needs so that we will get both physical and spiritual strength. So, God is in the business of renewing our strength, are we available to be strengthened for service?