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Proverbs 4:25-26
In the simplest understanding of the word “visionary”, the dictionary defines it as having a foresight. To be visionary is to see and focus ahead coupled with the ability not to be swayed and be tossed back and forth. In chapter four of the book of proverbs, Solomon gives advice on how to pursue wisdom, keep good company, and stay on the paths of goodness and truth. He draws attention to what he had to say because of the relationship he had with the people he was speaking to, the nature of his instructions, which were good and profitable, and because of his own example in caring for the things his parents gave him, Proverbs 4:1–4; He exhorts above all else to obtain wisdom because of its superior excellence and because of the benefits it brings.

This part of scripture, I mean Chapter four's concluding words provide some of Solomon's best, yet most challenging, counsel to his son. The verses twenty-five through twenty-seven should not be separated in order to grasp the essence of this counsel. Solomon gives his son six specific instructions in these three verses, in addition to many others. Rehoboam is told to let his eyes stare directly ahead of him in verse 25. He is also told to let his eyelids glance forward. He is instructed to consider his course of action and let his ways be set in verse 26. Finally, Solomon's son is commanded in verse 27 to turn neither to the right hand nor to the left. In that verse, he also instructed us to keep our distance from wickedness.

These passages basically say, "Watch Your Step!" in a few short words. Solomon instructed his son to utilize his mental eyesight to identify what was right in life by first encouraging him to "look right on." He wasn't just supposed to keep his eyes wide open to everything. He was instructed to "gaze RIGHT on," not simply up or out. In a world where there is much evil and a wide range of moral possibilities, one must be able to "look right on" and recognize what is right and practice it. This new month gives us an opportunity to look ahead and be focused. We have a chance to make a difference even now! It’s not too late to stand up and focus.