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Ref: Genesis 17:1-8, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-5

The Lord be with you.
Time flies! Imagine July is done. As we start a new month of August, we pray for God’s grace upon each one of us, and that His peace will remain our portion as a nation as we prepare for the general elections in a few days to come. With the polls around the corner, many Kenyans have been talking about the general elections. The Media houses have dedicated a lot of airtime on the happenings around the elections, we can generally say that our focus as a nation has been on who is going to become the 5th .Our reflection today reminds us that in as much as elections are an important event for any Nation; we must not lose focus on God; Acts 17:28 clearly reminds us, ‘For in him we live and move and exist. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’

The truth is, staying focused on God in today’s ever-changing world is not easy. Life happens so fast in the 21st Century, but we have to discipline ourselves to remain focused on God.
The Bible came into being as God revealed himself through the lives of real humans, as they sought to focus their lives upon him. God wants to reveal himself in your personal world, through you, as you focus your life upon Him. It is absolutely essential that believers look beyond the divisive issues and focus on God. This requires a personal focus; it is something for which each of us must strive.

Abrahams experience with God is something to behold, simply because he remained focused on God, right from the time He called him to leave his familiar environment to the time he died. The Apostle Paul in our reflection passage succeeded in all his missionary journeys because he too focused on God. He reminded the Christians in Thessalonica that even when persecution was so bad in Philippi, he focused on God and as a result, the good news of Christ spread in many cities.
As we look forward to the upcoming general elections, let’s keep our focus on God. A Christian who is focused on God will vote wisely as directed by God, but also be a peacemaker throughout the electioneering season.

The secret to remaining focused on God is when one commits to a life of prayer and study of God’s word Christ came to give us a clear picture of God. Lives focused on Christ are focused on God. He is the expressed image of God.

Have you been distracted by the happenings of this World lately? The Lord is calling on each one of us to go back to Him and remain focused on Him.
Have a focused week.