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Ref: Galatians 3.23-28; James 2.8-9
We greet you all the beloved of God either gathered in church or worshipping online. Our prayer is that God may walk, guide, protect you and continue providing for you even at these difficult economic times. Our today's topic is treating everybody with Dignity In Galatians 3.26, Paul notes that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are all sons and daughters of God. We are loved and cherished by God.

In Roman's 15.7, God through Jesus Christ accepted us and gave us dignity by adopting us as His sons and daughters. Jesus then is the one who provide an example of how human beings can treat each other with dignity.

In James chapter 2, we are advised on the importance of treating everybody fairly. James notes that some people are treated better than others when he gives an example of two people arriving at the worship service, one of them in golden ring while the other one is in shabby clothes. James warns that if we favor the one in golden ring by giving him/her best seat while we ask the one with shabby clothes to stand in a hidden corner, we are sinning by discriminating against one of the two. James 2.9 emphatically says that if we show favoritism, we are sinning and should be declared as law breakers.

In Galatians 3.28, Paul gives examples of the grounds in which discrimination is practiced. The Jews discriminated against, female, slaves and Gentiles. Paul says that we should not discriminate against any human being because all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God. Instead of discriminating, we should treat everybody with dignity as we accept, appreciate and affirm them for the glory of God