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Scripture reference: Judges 4:4-16

The Lord be with you.
In about three months, our country Kenya will go into the general elections, where new leaders will be elected into office, at both the National and County level. It’s an opportunity for the Kenyan electorate to choose leaders who will steer this Nation to greater levels. Truth be told, these elections are coming at a time when the country is experiencing a myriad of challenges that have affected the livelihood of many Kenyans. Corruption, high cost of living, and declining moral standards are some of the challenges we have to deal with as a people. The question that will guide our reflection today is; what role will Christians play in shaping the development of this nation?
The simple and quick answer to this question is Christian’s have a major role to play in the development of this nation. According to the 2019 population census, the predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 85.52% of the total population. This means that if all the Christian’s play a more active role, then things can change for the better.
Our scripture reading introduces us to the fourth and only female Judge Israel had-Deborah. Her life as a leader challenges us in several ways; she reminds us of the need to be available both to God and to others. She encourages us to spend our efforts on what we can do rather than on worrying about what we can’t do. She challenges us to be wise leaders and good planners. She was a prophet who had the mandate of encouraging people to obey God, a role she played very well. Deborah played a big part in the development of her nation at a very crucial time. Her remarkable relationship with God and outstanding leadership skills enabled her to succeed.

As we prepare to elect new leaders who will manage this nation; it’s a divine opportunity that allows us to participate in the overall development of our nation. All the eligible voters must rise to the occasion and choose leaders who match the credentials of Deborah; God fearing, great mediator and leader. Christians need to pray, but also exercise this constitutional mandate as it has an effect in the developments of a nation.
‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance’. Psalm 33:12

We all have a role to play.