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We welcome you the beloved of God to our today’s service. We remind you that God loves and is concerned about each one of you and your families.

This month, we will share on the topic, servant leadership derived from the above Philippians 2.3-5. As we begin this new topic, we are also mourning, former president Mwai kibaki who has been described as a servant leader. One of the people giving tributes rightfully observed that Mwai Kibaki lived and practiced servant leadership because he knew a country success or failure depends on leadership. From the many leadership styles, Christians prefer servant leadership because this is the leadership style that Jesus practiced and taught.

Servant leadership has its biblical basis from Jesus’ teachings in Luke 22.25-26 that Christians must not emulate Gentile leaders who lord it over their followers but that whoever want to be the greatest must the least of all. Jesus demonstrated this leadership style in John 13.1-10. Following the Jewish culture, whenever a group of people were celebrating by eating together, the servants in the homestead were supposed to wash the visitors’ feet. On this occasion, the disciples were arguing on who is the greatest so that they would arrive at who was then the lowest and then the lowest would wash other disciple’s feet. Jesus decided to demonstrate on the type of leadership God requires by playing the role of a servant and washed their feet and then asked them to follow his examples. Hence, we are called to follow this leadership style.

As Jesus showed us, in servant leadership, we should seek the highest joy for other people, we can forgo our rights so as to serve others, put others ahead of our own interests, should develop bias for actions, should be motivated by the love for others, should possess security that allow us to serve others without fearing, should be selfless.

This leadership style has been recommended by great leaders like Winston Churchill who say that we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give and by Mahatma Gandhi who say that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
Many leadership styles exist but as Jesus showed us, the best one is servant leadership.