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Ref: Mark 8:22-25
We invite you to our today service as we begin the Easter month. We thank God for each of you and pray that each one of us will experience Christ in a new way today and the whole of this month as we remember the great act of salvation during this Easter. Our today's topic is clearing spiritual fog that we may be able to see clearly.

In Mark 8:22-25, we see this blind man who was brought to Jesus so that He can heal him. We are not sure why Jesus held his hand and led him away from the crowd unlike other times when He would heal a person in front of the crowd. Jesus spit on his eyes and touched his eyes but when He asked him whether he could see, the man replied that he could see but not clearly because people looked like trees. It took the second touch from Jesus for him to see properly. Statistics show that 80% of Kenyans are Christian's. We ask ourselves, why do we still have such high level of corruption in Kenya despite having such a big number of Christians? Could it be that so many of us are Christian's who know Christ but don't know Him properly? If we can't see Jesus properly, then we can't know His ways, will and how we should live as His children. This explains why some Christian's still consult witch doctors when confronted with difficult issues because they don't know the power that Jesus has. In Luke 24:17, disciples Cleopas and his friend walking towards Emmaus were joined by Jesus but did not recognize Him until they invited Him for dinner and after breaking bread, they recognized that it was Jesus.

If we want to know Jesus completely, we must ask Him to touch us again and again so that we can know the power in Him and then we can benefit from His healing, provision, protection because that is His will for us.