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1 Sam 24:1-7; Gal.5: 22-23
We welcome you the beloved of God in our today’s service. As we continue celebrating the children month, today we look at a life of self-Discipline using David's case study in 1 Sam 24.
We read in 1 Samuel 21-23 that after killing Goliath, David became very popular. People praised him and put him at a higher level than the present king Saul. King Saul became so jealous that he was obsessed with the thought of killing David (1 Sam.22). When David knew that King Saul wanted to kill him, he ran away accompanied with 600 men (1Sam 23.13) and lived in the caves in the deserts.

In 1Sam 24, Saul was told that David was hiding in the desert of En Gedi. Saul chose the best 3000 soldiers to go out and hunt for David and kill him. We read that when Saul's group reached a place called sheep pen, Saul entered a cave to relieve himself. David's men were in that cave but deep inside. David and his men saw Saul enter the cave and his men were quick to point out that God had given Saul to David and told David that he was free to do whatever he wished with him. David had a perfect opportunity to kill Saul but he restrained himself and only cut the corner of Saul's robe. He then explained to his men that it is not in order to kill or harm the anointed of God.

From this story, we learn that David had inner self discipline that made him to make a better judgement of sparing instead of killing Saul.
When we have self-discipline, we calculate our actions carefully before implementing them as David did.
When we have self-discipline, we do not take the simplest option for example David would have killed Saul and end the misery of running from one desert to another to hide but he did not take it.

When we have self-discipline, we always look at the final result of our actions before we take the action. We ask ourselves whether God will be pleased with our actions.
For us to have self-discipline, we must rely on the holy spirit to give us self-control (Gal.5.22-23) self-control that comes from the holy spirit will help us to develop self-discipline that help us to live and act in Godly ways and make wise decision that will not lead us to regrets. Let's all pray for self-discipline in all areas of our lives.