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Ref: Acts 27.18-25

We welcome you to our today’s service as we continue observing the senior citizens month. We remind us of the word of David in Psalms 37: 25 that I was young and now I'm old yet I have never seen a righteous person abandoned by God or his/her children begging bread. Our today’s topic is choosing courage derived from Acts 27:18-25.
In this story, Paul, a few other prisoners and other crew going to Rome boarded a ship. When they arrived at Crete, a wind of hurricane force called, "northeaster" swept down from the island. The ship was badly hit by the storm and efforts to threw the cargo to the sea did not help. We read that when neither the sun nor stars appeared for many days and there was no food in the sea, the crew were filled with fear and started giving up any hope of being saved. It was at that hour of great distress that God sent Paul to encourage the crew. Paul tells them to keep their courage and assured them that although the ship will be spoilt, none of them was to be lost. Paul told them to keep hope alive because God has promised to keep them safe. We know that despite the difficulties, they arrived in Rome safely.

The same God who saved Paul and the crew is telling us to keep our courage. In the midst of so many difficulties caused by covid 19 and other economic hardships, the Lord tells us to keep trusting in Him because He will secure us and walk with us in the storms. The devil always tries to show us about the magnitude of the storm but we must remember that our God is above and beyond the storms of life and will give us strength to overcome them. Let's trust in this God and He will walk with us and help us to defeat every calamity that comes in our lives.