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Ref: 2 Kings 22:14-20
On behalf of the lady’s fellowship and the pastoral team, I wish to welcome you in our today’s service. This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice that we are proud to be counted as God’s sons and daughters as we appear before Him today and yes He will grant the desires of our hearts and fill us with joy and peace as we go on with our lives. As we continue with our September theme, the role of women in the face of broken foundations, we will look at the role of women in spiritual renewal guided by Prophetess Huldah in 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34.

Our main character in this story is King Josiah and prophetess Huldah, however we need to know that before Josiah came into reign, we read in 2 Chronicles 33 that the kings who reigned before him were extremely evil. King Manasse and king Ammon were known for terrible things they did. They led the Israelites astray making them to abandon their worship and erecting idols for foreign gods like Baal etc. Manasse was so fallen that he even sacrificed his sons to the god molech at the valley of hinnom (popularly known as hell) he led other Israelites to participate in human sacrifice imitating other ungodly Canaanites but something that Yahweh detested because He never needed human sacrifice. These kings led the Israelites to get involved in immoral practices like sorcery and witchcraft, idol worship, acts of divination and consulting spiritists etc. the temple was neglected and the book of law were no longer read.

When Josiah started reigning after king Ammon, he was determined to reform the worship and also take the Israelites back to God and to true worship. Among the things he did was to order for the repair of the temple. Sharphan the scribe and Hikiah the high priest was charged with the responsibility of repairing the temple. As they repaired the temple, they discovered a book of the law that had been buried by dust. Shaphan read the book to King Josiah and King Josiah was so touched when he realized how far the Israelites had drifted from the Lord. He rent his clothes and let himself be broken by the power of the word of God

It’s important for us to know that male prophets like Jeremiah were still working at that time but King Josiah ordered Sharphan and Hilkiah to consult prophetess Huldah to guide more on the information gotten from the discovered book of law. Prophetess Huldah explained that Israelites must follow what was in the book of law and warned that if the people did not obey the book of law, they would be negatively affected for example the curses proscribed in the book would affect them but that if they obey the teachings in the book, God’s blessings would be with them, she also gave a personal encouragement to the young king Josiah and encouraged him to lead the people in the reforms. King Josiah listened to the prophetess Huldah and started the spiritual and social reforms. He brought down idol altars, stopped human sacrifice which was encouraged by his predecessors, stopped the practice of witchcrafts, divination and generally led people to renew their covenant with God. This practice made God to bless the whole nation and the Israelites enjoyed a long season of peace and tranquility.

As God used prophetess Huldah to bring about a great spiritual and social reforms in Israel, God is also willing to used women today. God want women to be courageous and point out the evils in the society. Let women in the church led by example by getting rid of all idol worship today and then help others to do the same. In this way, women will have contributed in mending broken foundations in Kenya and beyond. Amen