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Scripture reference: Joshua 24:15

The Lord be with you. 
This week marks the end of our youth month; we have seen how blessed we are as a church to have young men and women who love the Lord and who have given themselves to serve Him. May the Lord continue to use them more powerfully in our church and beyond.
Throughout this month, we have been reflecting on the theme choices and consequences, today we climax this theme by drawing lessons from the servant of God -Joshua, who summoned all the Israelites to Shechem where he gave his final words. In his speech, he challenged the people to make a conscious choice to always serve God. As you read through Joshua 24, you will see how after this summon, Joshua died and was buried in his hometown of Timnath-serah at the age of 110years.
This final summon was so important; before his death, Joshua challenged the people to decide whether they would obey the Lord, who over the years had proved his trustworthiness, or obey the gods, which were only hand-made idols. Joshua left them to decide. As for him and his family, Joshua made it clear that he was going to choose to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15d).

In taking a definite stand for the Lord, Joshua displayed his spiritual leadership. Regardless of what others decided, Joshua made a commitment to serve God, thereby setting an example for all believers to emulate.
The way we live shows how committed we are in serving God. Like the people Joshua led, it’s possible for people to slip into a quiet rebellion-whereby we want to go about life on our own. This is what the people had done at some point. This passage reminds us that a time comes when we have to choose who or what will control us. The choice is ours to make.
Will it be God or your own limited personality?
Like Joshua, let’s all make a bold step and choose to stand for God no matter what.

Memory verse: ‘’There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death’’. (Proverbs 14:12)