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Ref. Numbers 13 and 14
We welcome you our dear Christians in our today’s service. We hope that you are doing well and God has continued sustaining you in all aspects. Our today’s topic is on I can do attitude derived from the story of the spies in Numbers 13 and 14.
In numbers 13, the Israelites have taken a long time wandering in the desert and are now so near the land which God had promised them. At the desert of pagan, the Israelites were near the Promised Land but they needed to be sure about what to expect in the Promised Land. So Moses sent 12 leaders each from each tribe of Israel to go and find out how the land was including the people. The spies went and went round every corner of the land. They found very good things about the land but were scared by the people who lived there because they looked like giants. When they returned, ten of the twelve spies argued that although the land was good, fertile productive etc, they were worried that the Inhabitants were rather fierce and big. They described themselves as grasshoppers when compared with the inhabitants.

They literary told the people that they could not take over the land. The report was so discouraging that the rest of the people became so fearful that they threatened to look for another leader who will lead them back to Egypt. In the midst of fear and scare, Joshua and Caleb silenced the people and encouraged them that although the inhabitants looked big and fierce, they believed that they can still defeat them. They told the people that with God on their side, they will take over the land. Sure enough, the Israelites struggled with the Canaanites and took over the land.

We should learn from Joshua and Caleb of having a positive attitude. It’s true that we always encounter scaring situations in our lives. We find barriers on the way but we must learn to see opportunities which are hidden under the barriers. We should believe in our abilities especially when we know that God is on our sides. We must not allow the dark shadows prevent us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s have the attitude that we can do anything through Christ who strengthens us.