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Genesis 2.7-15

According to Genesis 2:7-15 and many other references, God clearly intends for everyone to thrive economically. He wants us to find provision for our needs. He also desires for us to enjoy the wealth of his generosity.  However, in the fallen world we inhabit, many people do not experience God’s abundant provision. On the other hand, there are others who get their needs met, but only at great cost emotionally, physically, relational, morally or spiritually. Then there are still others who attain significant economic wealth, but this is gained through harming others or themselves. Whatever situation we find ourselves in economically, questions and concerns about God’s intent and role in provision and wealth weigh heavily on almost every Christian’s mind. Such matters are to the fore in the lives of rich and poor; employer, employee and job seeker etc.

Fortunately, this concern for the economic is matched by the priority it is given in Scripture. Indeed, provision and wealth are far from peripheral issues in the Bible. They occupy a large share of both the Old and New Testaments, and are prominent in the Gospels.

So what does God’s word have to say to us?
The account of Genesis 1 and 2 makes it clear that God planned for humanity to enjoy the fruitfulness of creation. In the idyllic setting of the Garden of Eden, the first humans found a rich, fertile place, and humanity was intended to prosper in every sense. God provides an abundance of resources and means for humans to flourish.

From our scripture today we learn that we need to work! Work! Work! When we work God blesses the work of our hands, many times we don’t take a step forward due to past failures, laziness, or sometimes doing things not in accordance to God’s way. God hates corruption, he hates it when people of God gets entangled in the worldly means of acquiring wealth. Today I send us with a question to think about! What is success to you?
Shalom Adonai eleikhem! (May the peace of the Lord be with you!)