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We welcome you the beloved of God in our today's service. This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice to know that we are sincerely loved by God who calls us and sets us apart for His holy purposes. Today we will share about how our love for God moves us to serve Him in various ways and this time building his temple, our new sanctuary

1 chronicles 29 describe how the first temple in the life of Israel was built. It was called Solomon’s temple but it is king David who did all the planning and gathered all the resources to build the temple. Before David decided to build a temple for the Lord, he had moaned that he was living in a big beautiful palace while the tabernacle was kept in a small little tent. Scholars believe that this is the time when David wrote psalms 132.4-5, I will allow no sleep to my eyes, no slumber to my eyelids, till I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling for the mighty one of Jacob. The fact that he was living in a big palace while the tabernacle was housed in a small tent disturbed him. This disturbance came out of his love for God. This is why we see him giving a lot of resources for the work and then mobilized the rest of the community through their leaders to give so that the house of the Lord was to be completed.

In verse 7, David and the community gave so much resources that in 2 chronicles, the temple took a short time to complete because the resources were already gathered. In verse 9, the whole community rejoiced greatly when they looked at the work they had done for giving freely and whole heartedly for the lords verse 14, David, asks himself a rhetorical question, but why did we give so generously? He answers himself when he say, it is because we realized that all things are Gods including wealth and so we have just given back to God what belong to him.

As we continue moving towards finishing our new sanctuary, we should ask ourselves, can we say like David that, that I will allow no sleep to my eyes and no slumber to my eyelids till I find a place for the Lord in our case until our new sanctuary is completed. Does our love for God move us to go out of our way to give resources to do His work especially the new sanctuary? Let us follow the example of David and his people in chronicles and complete our new sanctuary and we will rejoice that God will have used us in transforming the world as we do the evangelistic work. God bless you.