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We welcome you our dear christians and other viewers of our services.
This morning, we will share on the topic, blessings of God's providence guided by matthew 6.27-34 and psalms 145.15-17.
Matthews text falls on the teaching of Jesus on the mount which is believed to be among the most important teachings on the kingdom of God, Jesus ethics and what Jesus considered as the most important principles of life. From 27-34, Jesus had noted the high level of uncertainty people were living in because they feared for their future. Among other things that people worried about was their food and clothing.

Jesus in explaining how God cares for His creation gave an example of the birds of the air and showed that God feeds the birds of the air every day. He then gave an example of the lilies which God clothes very well. Jesus reminded the crowd that God is more concerned about them more than the birds and the lilies and assured them that God will always provide for their needs. He warned them against too much worry and made them to understand that worry cant add any value in their lives.

On the contrary, he told them to put their trust in God as they sought His kingdom and all their eartly needs and desires will be added to them. Psalms 145.15-17 emphasis on God's providence as it say, the eyes of all look to you and you give them their food at the proper time, you open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing. let us all be assured that God who created us is also our great provider. He cares and is very concerned about us and will always provide for our needs.