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Text: Mark 11:22-25, Psalm 40
This month, our theme revolves around prayer, which we believe is the master key that opens all doors. We hope that every member will be encouraged to remain at the place of prayer.
From the last video clip that was shared by the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) on the progress of the new sanctuary, the strong pillars that have been erected to support the entire building caught my attention. The contractor has assured us that they are strong enough to withstand any kind of pressure from within or from without.

Just as the pillars are important in ensuring the safety of a building, effective prayer requires that we must have faith in God and also exercise patience as we wait on God to respond to our prayers. Jesus did not hesitate to urge his disciples on the importance of having faith in God. In Mark 11:22-25, Jesus uses the illustration of the possibility of a mountain moving into the sea to show that any prayer offered in faith can move God to do the impossible. Faith is a very important pillar that enables us to have confidence in God. Faith is believing that God will hear and answer us. In our Psalm reading, the Psalmist reminds us the importance of waiting patiently for the Lord to answer our prayers. He goes on to share some benefits of waiting on God; because of waiting, God lifted him out of his despair, He set his feet on solid ground, steadied him as he walked and put a new song of praise in his mouth.

The blessings of God cannot be received unless we have faith in God and also exercise patience.
May the Lord help each one of us to have faith in Him, and also wait on Him patiently.

"Everyone has doubts every now and then. God does not expect perfect faith, but sincere faith." Pastor Bob Russel-Southeast Christian Church