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Text: 1Timothy 4:1-16
Receive warm greetings from the Pastoral team, we are truly grateful to the Lord for His mercies upon us as a church during this season of Covid-19. We strongly believe that the flattening of the curve for people testing positive for covid-19 is the doing of the Lord; we pray that in the coming weeks, the curve will continue to flatten and our congregants will steadily stream back to church for our worship services.

Our reflection this morning is all about setting a godly example. When Paul wrote 1 Timothy, the church in Ephesus was infiltrated with false doctrines such as speculations in myths, unusual teachings on the law, claims to secret knowledge and promotion of certain self –denying practices. In order to counter what was happening, Paul wrote this letter with instructions to Timothy on how to provide leadership in the church. Timothy, though relatively young was urged to warn certain leaders about their false doctrines, actively promote the Christian faith, establish proper rules for the church and most importantly, set an example in godly living, ‘’ but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity’’.(4:12b).

In the culture of the time, respected leaders were normally over the age of thirty, but for the young Timothy, he could earn the respect of others by his behaviour and the example he sets. The challenge to Timothy and by extension all of us is to set a good example in life. The five areas that Paul encouraged Timothy to set an example are very key in the life of a believer. Parents and adults must be extremely careful in what they say, and in the way they live because children will always pattern their life after them.

In life, there are people who have managed to set good example, but sadly there are many who have not. As believers, church leaders and parents, we can tap into the wisdom contained in this letter of Paul to Timothy on the need to set a godly example, irrespective of our age or status in the society.

"Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words." (St Francis of Assisi)