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Genesis 18:14
The title and theme of this study are suggested by the challenging question in Genesis 18:14. What is your answer to it? for this will reveal our estimate of the power of God and also the extent of our own faith in God.
In these days many of God’s people are discouraged, despondent and filled with doubt. This ought not to be, for discouragement always comes from the Devil, despondency paralyses us for useful service and doubt dishonors the Lord. If encouragement is needed, however, here it is in this study!

The circumstances in which the question was asked, are a result of God’s promises given all the way down from Genesis 15:1-6 to 17. Now when we get to chapter 18 Abraham is 100 years old and Sarah his wife, 90. According to the scripture it was humanly impossible for Sarah to bear a child. At first Abraham laughed at the idea 17:17, I can attribute Abraham’s laughter to be the laughter of joy and happiness but its only afterwards Sarah laughed also at 18:12 when the angel throws the question which sound very rhetoric. Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Consider the following five propositions; turn to all the scripture references given and see how God loves to do hard things.
1. There is no PROMISE too hard for the Lord to fulfil.
2. There is no PRAYER too hard for the Lord to answer.
3. There is no PROBLEM too hard for the Lord to solve.
4. There is no PLACE too hard for the Lord to revive.
5. There is no PERSON too hard for the Lord to save.

We all have the challenge of unbelief. And this is often triggered by our own limitations and weaknesses. We view God through our shortcomings and thus we limit God. My prayer is that God gives us spiritual eyes through which to see his promises which are all true and amen.

Shalom Adonai eleikhem ( may the peace of the Lord be with you)