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When God send He chooses ordinary human beings with ordinary challenges to accomplish extraordinary things. God in His wisdom has opted to partner with human beings as He puts His treasure in jars of clay. This strategy is fraught with many risks, chief among them human frailties. Some of the challenges to missions are as follows:-

1.Character Flaws: Abraham had a problem with lying. He presumes that he would be in trouble with the Egyptians by virtue of his wife Sarah's beauty. He therefore made contingency plans to secure his interests. This was to be found only in lying that Sarah was his sister not his wife. Character flaws have a way of undermining the witness of the missionary. They expose those in missions as two faced people not worthy of their calling. Mission workers must learn to walk in maturity at all times. As hard as this may sound, God does supply the strength for this venture to be successful.

2. Interpersonal Conflict: Abraham and Lot had enjoyed a robust relationship up to this point. After a while, their workers began to quarrel. This fostered a very unhealthy situation that had to be resolved. Relationships are a very important resource in ministry. However, they only come through maturity. The maintenance of relationships requires a lot of maturity and grace. This is what Abraham exercised. He had the wisdom to know that the situation was no longer tenable and it had to give.

3. Limited Resource: Abraham and Lot's servants has conflict because the land upon which they grazed their cattle became too small for their growing herds In missions, the needs and demands are always going to outstrip the resources. With limited resources chasing unlimited demands and needs, the capacity for offense, conflict and failure is very high. To mitigate this, missioners should always cut their cloth according to their size. Do not allow excessive demands to cloud the core business. Always keep core business core, and maintain focus and expenditure on what is core and important. The rest can wait.

4. Lack of Divine Guidance: Abraham and Lot separate, but Lot chooses to go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, a wicked city. There are times that mission workers can lose direction and go the way of destruction. Like Abraham, we must plead for them and rescue them from the evil machinations and dirty schemes of Satan.