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Cheerful giving refers to the attitude of joy and readiness that must accompany every meaningful act of giving to God. Cheerfulness may have very little to do with smiling as it may to do with a sense of release from pressure and the yoke of expectation. A cheerful giver fosters the following tenets in his attitude!-

1. He releases himself from all pressure. He does not give out of expectation or to fulfill certain demands, but is focuses wholly on God.

2. He releases his heart from apathy. Apathy comes as a result of bad experiences that are unresolved. If we have been hurt by people in the area of giving, we may be grudge them even though we may still give them.

3. He releases himself embarrassment and shame. Until we are free from shame and embarrassment we will be giving to save face or to protect ourselves from indecent exposure.

4. He releases his heart from performance orientation. He does not have to perform to impress anyone, but is free to give what he has without experiencing any form of guilt.

5. He has freed his heart from deceit. Unlike Ananias and Saphira, a cheerful giver does not have to be deceptive about his giving. He fully discloses what he earns as an income or incomes and freely gives what he is supposes to give and what he is led to give.

6. He has freed himself from a worldly classification of himself as being important on account of his wealth. He has allowed God to call him important, and the things of God to give him importance. He has otherwise humbled himself thoroughly under the mighty hand of God.

7. He has freed himself from allowing money to define his identity. A cheerful giver puts his confidence in God and allows him to define him and give him his identity. He is not given to the quick’s and of getting his identity and putting his confidence in what he has and possesses. This ensures he lives in peace all his life and is not hurried, harassed, oppressed and tormented by money or the lack of it. Instead he has found contentment in God. [1 Timothy 6: 6 – 8 and Philippians 4:11 – 12]