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1. Where God sends He predestined. In Eph 2: 10, the Bible says “we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do”. This verse is very interesting. It offers a peek into the divine order of God's calling and sending.
Firstly, He knew us before we were conceived. We existed before conception. So we are his workmanship. This means that what He does in us is well planned out in advance. He prepared the work before we were conceived. No one comes to idle around unless we don't know our divine purpose, or we are hindered from achieving it.

2. Where God sends, He equips. God has his own way of preparing His people for their divine assignments. He prepared Abraham in Ur of the Chaldeans, a land that had people who had a heightened sense of spiritual awareness, although they worshipped idols and demons. Abraham is preserved and is sensitive to follow God out of this idolatrous system to establish a new community of faith that God was birthing through him.

3. Where God sends, He calls. Moses was busy in the wilderness looking after sheep. He seemingly had settled to a new lifestyle of after tumultuous fallout from the palace and the land of Egypt. Moses by this time must have forgotten all the ambitions he had to deliver the children of Israel from bondage to slavery in Egypt. Then all of a sudden God interrupts his quiet sojourn and breaks the news, “you are called to go back and deliver Israel”. This is surprising but also exciting news. It is also tough for Moses, who does not see the resource base for this assignment.

4. Where God sends, He provides. God promised to provide for Moses, and to ensure that he lacks nothing. This was very difficult for Moses to buy into however. So God forced him into the assignment. God will provide where He sends.

5. Where God sends He will protect. Abraham decides to lie about the status of Sarah his wife. He asks Sarah to say that she is his sister. He was afraid that, because of her beauty, Sarah would attract the attention of the Egyptians, who would in turn want to get rid of him by killing him so they can have her. Well, how wrong he was! God fought for Abraham. a battle he was not ready to engage! God always fights for us. He will protect and defend us.

6. Where God sends, He accompanies. God promises to go with Moses to Egypt. 'I will be with you”. This should be sufficient for us, but it takes faith and obedience for us to apprehend and appropriate. Moses was initially reluctant to believe that God would accompany him and the Israelites in their deliverance and journey. However, God so kept his word that later Moses was unwilling to move unless God was ready to accompany them. “If your presence will not go with me, do not brig us up from here” [ Exodus 33:15].