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To bless is to pronounce words that confer goodwill and invoke God’s favour on an individual, a thing or a place. It is also to endow someone with material or other resources. It is a special
favour, benefit or mercy. The Hebrew word is “Barak” which means favoured or endowed with mercy. It means one who is full even when they appear to be empty or deficient. In Greek, the word is “Makarios” which means supremely favoured, fortunate, well off and full.

In today’s passage, God calls Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeans and makes him certain promises. These promises constitute the structure of blessings. They are:-

1. Come to a land I will show you. This is the blessing of inheritance. God is telling Abraham that he recognizes that he is uprooting him from his familiar territory, but at the same time he is planting him in a place of divine appointment. God knows that blessings cannot operate without topography; there must be a place where blessings are planted and exercised. Thus is what gives the blessings legitimacy. Inheritance is a very important component of blessing.

2. I will make you a great nation. There are two blessing here, Firstly, is the promise of being made a Nation. This is a group of people with the same ethos. God promises to make Abraham into a nation, from the one man who is childless. This is the blessings of increase and multiplication. Secondly, God promises the blessings of greatness. This is growth and honour beyond one’s imagination ad expectation. This is important because it sets us apart as a blessed people.

3. I will bless you and make your name great. This statement contains another two blessings. The first is the blessing of abundance. This is a continuous flow of immeasurable benevolence and riches. The second blessing is the one of humour, name recognition, significance and exaltation, Man searches for name greatness all his life, not realizing that it is a blessing proceeding from the Lord.

4. You will be a blessing. This is to say that Abraham was given all these blessings to that he can be an instrument of God to transmit blessings to others. We are blessed to bless, not to hoard. We are blessed to impart, not to hold back.

5. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. In this blessing, God makes Abraham totally unassailable. It becomes dangerous for anyone to go against Abraham, to attack him or curse him. It is God who now champions his cause. This is the blessing of God on your side as your champion.

6. In you all the families of the earth will be blessed. This is the generational blessing of Abraham that is transmitted and imparted through Jesus Christ to the Whole world. What a blessing!