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Today's Theme “The Attributes of God's Love” Marks a continuation of last week's theme of love: The nature of God. This clearly means God is love, and love is His nature. Therefore we cannot fully comprehend the attributes of Christian love without appreciating who God is! God is love. His love is manifest in his attributes within the shared experience of the believers in the common wealth of their life together. Love is NOT passive but an ACTION that must be experienced in human interactions and even within human activities that touch on our relationship with the entire creation.

The scripture clearly speaks out a vivid and unassuming declaration of the identity of God, that God is love. It means then if the attributes of God are in great measure manifested in our lives, then God actually becomes a PRESENT experience. Therefore we literary “TOUCH” God through acts of love through other people as we experience our human interactions – God is love! [1 John 4: 16b].

It follows then that our knowledge of God is limited to our human experience of love in our interactions. We know God through acts of love from other people. Titus 1:16 declares that “they profess to know God but they deny him by their works”. Therefore knowing God is not just limited to our profession but living the attributes of love within and out of the Christian community.

We must appreciate with humility that love puts a demand on our lives to live within certain parameters that declare and describe God's love as attributes that should NOT just be memorized as tenets of faith but should be able to influence the Christian practice of faith. Christian witness is a matter of orthodoxy and praxis. God's love therefore put a demand on the lives of believers to live differently in a world that is so much ordered by chaos, hatred, jealous, cruelty and many more vices. Paul's delves into the subject of love in 1 Corinthians 13 in a way that creates a balance between the spiritual gifts that are vital in the exercise of Christian ministry.

However, he is quick to point out that such gifts get their empowerment through love. He points out that gifts can cease while love is indestructible. Finally, we can conclude that the gifts of the spirit are continually sustained by love who is God as source of all good attributes that are above any human law.

As we endeavour to grow into evidence of God's grace, let us aim to be mature in the attributes of love that display Christian maturity in patience, kindness, trust and hope among other attributes. May the Lord grant growth in these attributes to His glory as we grow in love.