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According to Hebrews 11:6 it is impossible to please God without faith. If complete trust or confidence in someone or something is the correct and simplest definition of faith which I believe it is, then the Christian faith is a journey full of tests. Speaking of tests, Abraham comes in our minds as the father of faith. In his obedience to God’s voice, Abraham proved that God can trust him. God is all knowing he already knew that Abraham will obey. Then why did he test his servant? This was not a test to produce faith as many of us may think, it was rather a test to reveal faith. Over the years God has been shaping Abraham and molding him into the great father of faith as we know him today.

Well it is true that this test seems to contradict the promise of God in Genesis 12:12 where God had promised that from Isaak his seed shall be called. The truth is that God has lessons for us the same way he had lessons for Abraham during his days; in today’s reflection we will learn three of those lessons.

Lesson 1. Abraham had to learn the difference between trusting the promise and trusting the God of the promise. We can put God's promise before God Himself and feel it is our responsibility to bring the promise to pass, even if we have to disobey God to do it.

Lesson 2. Trust the Promiser no matter what, and the Lord of the promise will take care of the promise! Abraham obeyed because he knew that he owed Isaac to God and God in his sovereignty had every right to take him back Genesis 22:3

Lesson 3. Obedient faith is progressive. Although Abraham obeyed the call, he couldn’t go alone. So he took Lot with him because his faith was at its grassroots level. but as the journey to Moriah progressed, his faith also progressed with it. On the third day of the journey, when Abraham looked up and saw his destination in the distance, told his servants to wait, while he and Isaac will worship and come back. Abraham seemed to be very sure that they would come back. This is because in Hebrews 11:17-19 “Abraham reasoned that God could even raise the dead.” So there is no cause to worry.

God rewards obedience because obedience is not fun but very is costly, risky and inconvenient. Otherwise It will not be called obedience. The cost of obedience is so high the reward exceeds the cost.