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Ref. Luke 24:44-53
Luke 24:51, where it says that Jesus "withdrew from his followers and was lifted up into heaven," is where many interpreters get stopped since it seems to imply that in order for the Ascension to make sense, we must accept the three-story reality of the Bible. This reminds me of the successful Soviet space traveler who said that since he didn't locate God "up there," all religion must be bogus. Our Ascension sermons will stutter along and have little effect on our listeners if we insist on operating within this paradigm. The only way this text seems to make sense is if we change our attention from picturing a flying Jesus to what these verses are actually saying about the relationship between Jesus and God. This suggests a different conception of heaven. Heaven is more of a human representation for God's residence than it is a physical location. In other words, the significance of Jesus now being with God encompasses the significance of the Ascension. When we declare that Jesus is "sitting at the right hand of God" (Mark 16:19), what exactly are we saying?

The biblical passages that describe the Ascension can even be argued to be developing a new conception of God. The first thing the disciples did after Jesus was lifted up to heaven, according to Luke 24:52, was to adore him. These pious Jews who follow Christ are aware that only God ought to be revered. Clearly, the Trinity is strongly implied here. For our purposes, though, it means that it is now impossible to discuss God without mentioning Jesus. We must constantly view God through the lens of a crucified, risen, and living Christ. The majority of individuals, even Christians, seem to automatically choose a conception of God that is consistent with common sense.

In other words, it is believed that God is perfect in the sense that He is unconstrained by the constraints of space and time. God is eternal and omnipotent. God is majesty, supremacy, and eternity. Of course, one might find verses from the Bible to back up these assertions about God. They are not incorrect; rather, they are insufficient. In our chapter, the God that the disciples are currently worshiping is also a God who has experienced loneliness, betrayal, rejection, thirst, and even death. Jesus' ascent into heaven changes how we perceive God. We can no longer define God in a way that separates God from human experience entirely.

The ascended Jesus, who now occupies a position at God's right hand, depicts a God who is open to human interaction. When we turn to God in difficult or tempting circumstances, we are not addressing a distant divinity who is uninterested in our problems. In addition to consoling us by empathizing with our suffering, God tells us that our tribulations will not have the last word since the risen and ascended Christ is making intercession for us and nothing can ever be able to separate us from his love (Romans 8:34).
If all I am saying does not re energize you to work, I don't know what will!
Ref: Isaiah 30:15; 40:31; Rom 15:13
We welcome you the beloved of God to our today's services. We thank God for each one of you and also for the great things God has done for us as individuals, families, church and a country as a whole. We thank God for the past blessings, present blessings and trust Him for a better tomorrow. Our today's topic is renewed strength derived from the above texts.

Why do we need Renewed strength? Prophet Isaiah answers this question in Isaiah 40:21-31. He notes that we are bound to get tired as we do our daily service to God and humanity. When he says that even the youth grow tired and weary, he is in effect saying that even the strongest people can get weary because human body are made like that. As we do the work that God has given to us, both physical and spiritual, our energy level may go down and hence need for Renewed strength.

How then do we get Renewed strength? It is mainly by depending on God who is the source of our strength. We read about the servants of God who lost strength in the process of serving God and specifically think about Elijah who got so weary and depressed that he asked God to allow him to die (1 King 19:4) God Renewed his strength by giving him physical food and spiritual food in term of encouragement. The Lord is still renewing our strength through encouraging us through His word, prayer, Christian fellowship among others.

As in the case of Prophet Elijah, He also provide for our physical needs so that we will get both physical and spiritual strength. So, God is in the business of renewing our strength, are we available to be strengthened for service?
Proverbs 4:25-26
In the simplest understanding of the word “visionary”, the dictionary defines it as having a foresight. To be visionary is to see and focus ahead coupled with the ability not to be swayed and be tossed back and forth. In chapter four of the book of proverbs, Solomon gives advice on how to pursue wisdom, keep good company, and stay on the paths of goodness and truth. He draws attention to what he had to say because of the relationship he had with the people he was speaking to, the nature of his instructions, which were good and profitable, and because of his own example in caring for the things his parents gave him, Proverbs 4:1–4; He exhorts above all else to obtain wisdom because of its superior excellence and because of the benefits it brings.

This part of scripture, I mean Chapter four's concluding words provide some of Solomon's best, yet most challenging, counsel to his son. The verses twenty-five through twenty-seven should not be separated in order to grasp the essence of this counsel. Solomon gives his son six specific instructions in these three verses, in addition to many others. Rehoboam is told to let his eyes stare directly ahead of him in verse 25. He is also told to let his eyelids glance forward. He is instructed to consider his course of action and let his ways be set in verse 26. Finally, Solomon's son is commanded in verse 27 to turn neither to the right hand nor to the left. In that verse, he also instructed us to keep our distance from wickedness.

These passages basically say, "Watch Your Step!" in a few short words. Solomon instructed his son to utilize his mental eyesight to identify what was right in life by first encouraging him to "look right on." He wasn't just supposed to keep his eyes wide open to everything. He was instructed to "gaze RIGHT on," not simply up or out. In a world where there is much evil and a wide range of moral possibilities, one must be able to "look right on" and recognize what is right and practice it. This new month gives us an opportunity to look ahead and be focused. We have a chance to make a difference even now! It’s not too late to stand up and focus.
Scripture reference: Mathew 7: 24-27
The Lord be with you.
Today marks the last Sunday in our youth month, we take this opportunity to congratulate the leadership of the youth church for leading our worship services so well, the Lord truly ministered to us powerfully through them, we are so proud of our youth. May the Lord continue to increase you for His glory.

Our reflection this week is based on the theme, ‘Strengthened to Build’. We all agree that when it comes to building a house, an office building or a church, the place to start is with a firm foundation; building contractors focus on laying out a reliable foundation for the structure. It is a crucial part that determines the durability and resilience of the building. It goes without saying that a good foundation keeps the building stable despite a large amount of abuse it takes.

 When it comes to building your personal life and deciding on the core principles and values and faith on which to stand, the only sure foundation is Jesus Christ. In our scripture reference above, Jesus likens the way that we live our life to the way that a builder builds a house. Depending on how the house is built, it will remain standing or it will collapse. If it is built wisely it will remain, but if it is built foolishly it will collapse.

You may be asking as you read this, what does it mean to build your life on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ?  How do you go about it?  Where do you start?  Scripture says in Romans 10:9(ESV), ‘…if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. ‘This is where it all begins, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This marks the first step in building your life on a firm foundation, which is Christ Jesus.

We read in 1 Corinthians 3:11 that there is no other foundation that any man can lay, other than Jesus Christ. He is the solid rock upon which every building erected deep within cannot be shaken, no matter the storms of life that assail it. The lesson in Mathew 7: 24-27 is clear: If you expect to weather the storms of life and still remain standing, you’ll take Jesus’ teachings to heart and put them into practice.  Jesus Christ is the only sure foundation upon which we may hope to stand.  He is the basis for who we are and all that we hope to be.  He is the rock upon which our faith is built.

Let us commit ourselves to build wisely from now onward by obeying all that the Lord has taught us in His Word.
Stay blessed.
Ref: Genesis 45. 1-5; psalms 12.1-7

We welcome you the beloved of God to today's services. We thank God for the peaceful election and pray that any dissatisfaction on the results will be handled by the supreme court.
Our today's topic is being preserved by the Lord for a purpose derived from Genesis 45.1-5 and psalms 12. 1-7

In Genesis 45, we read the story of Joseph. We know that his brothers sold him to be a slave in Egypt because he was according to his brothers over ambitious and overbearing. Before they sold him, they had agreed to throw him in an animal pit so that he could be eaten by an animal. Reuben saved him and instead they sold him to be a slave. We know how he was sold to pharaoh and how pharaoh’s wife desired to have carnal knowledge with him which he refused leading to his imprisonment.

In prison, his talent of interpreting dreams landed him the position of a prime minister in Egypt. After many years and there was severe famine in Canaan, his brothers went to buy food in Egypt but they could not recognize Joseph. Finally, Joseph revealed himself to his brothers but assured them that he will not revenge over them because God preserved him for the sole purpose of saving many lives. To Joseph, the issue of carrying out the purpose for which God preserved Him for was more important than revenge.

As we read in psalms 12. 5, we are surrounded by many enemies who want to destroy us but God remains our preserver. Like Joseph we meet many people who may want to destroy us for various reasons including Cainic jealous that made Cain to kill his brother Abel, made Joseph’s brothers to sell him etc. However, we thank God who is always there to preserve us from murders, robbers, terrorists, rapists and yes even from hidden enemies. God’s preservation does not mean that we will not go through some tribulations but even when we go through tribulations as Job went through, we will still testify like Job that we went through thick and thin but God preserved us (Job 7.20).

God is willing to preserve us but are we willing to carry out the purpose that God has given unto us? Let us be determined to know our lives’ purpose and like Joseph carry it to completion with God’s help.